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Wax on Wednesdays Fun Tool Tip Plus Last 2 Days For Annual Workshops Sale!

I love how rice papers take in and absorb the encaustic wax . It is a magical experience to me . One of my favorite things to do is paint these papers directly on the heated surface and explore how the colors can come alive on the paper's surface under the heat with oil pigments, and encaustic paints, and tools for mark making .  
Sometimes I would like to take portions of these papers a step further and incorporate them into my encaustic paintings on board.  This week a fun tip I show with a tacking iron and a small 6x6 board prepped with 3-4 coats of white encaustic paint. The white will lighten my painting and if I do not want this to happen I can used clear medium instead. The heat of the iron will also change some of my marks and possibly blend some colors depending on the pigments I used on them . This is just one more step in the painting and I can add more marks , and color layers after I incorporate the paper into the piece. 
(For more  information on encaustic painted p…

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